Ricards offers a great education with a positive environment and a warm welcome to your daughters. Going to Ricards has given me the courage and confidence to raise my hand more and participate and get involved. Ricards' motto is ‘Educating Successful Women of the Future’, and they stand by this motto: they know your daughter can achieve anything, as long as she puts in the work and the effort into her dreams.

Ricards believes in four values: trust, aspiration, resilience and equality. Trust is key at Ricards, as there has to be a basis of trust that you will do your best and work your hardest. Teachers encourage us to have an opinion and show us inspirational and successful women that we can aspire to and be like and they help us set goals. Additionally, resilience is important. If there is a barrier between you and your goal, you will be encouraged to carry on and help will be given. Finally, trust; your ethnicity, nationality, religion, race does not define you at Ricards. We will celebrate your differences!

There is also a range of extra-curricular activities for you daughter to participate in to find a passion, make friends and most importantly have fun!