What Our Girls Say


Year 11, Assistant Head Girl

I am delighted and feel extremely privileged to have been selected to be part of such an amazing team at Ricards Lodge. I am eager to use my role as Assistant Head Girl to ensure that all the girls here maximise their time at school to the full and make the most of all that school has to offer.

Since joining Ricards Lodge in Year 7 I have always been an active participant in as many of the school activities as possible and I would encourage all students to do likewise. I have benefitted so much from joining a number of different after-school clubs such as ball girls and rounders, where I have met and spent time with friends as well as having the opportunity to represent the school in competitive matches and at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. 

I would encourage everyone to think about joining a club as I believe it’s crucial for all students to find ways to socialise and be active in order to provide a balance to their school life. I strongly believe in all the school values and that these are promoted in everyday life at Ricards Lodge and play a part in the supportive and positive environment we have in the school. 

Whilst I will be here to support all students in the coming year I am particularly looking forward to getting to know the Year 8 girls as I have been designated as their JLT representative. I hope that students feel they can contact me at any point as I am keen to hear any ideas or suggestions that would help enhance life here at Ricards Lodge for us all.

The school community is such a wonderful environment already but I know that collectively we can all make it an even better place for every student to thrive.