What Our Girls Say


Year 11, Junior Leadership Team

I am proud to be part of a team of girls who will ensure that all students' voices are not only heard but also acted on, leading to the growth and improvement of our amazing school. 

Being part of the JLT has always been very important to me. I always strived for leadership roles. When I was in primary school I was house captain and since then I am proud to say I am the captain of the Girls' Hercules Athletics club. 

Unfortunately due to the COVID pandemic I never really experienced the JLT but knew the impact they had on our school. I have always aspired to be like them and now here I am, a shoulder to cry on, an arm to help out and a heart to keep beating for the legacy of Ricards Lodge. I remember my first encounter with a JLT member in Year 7. She told me “If you hope to be part of the JLT when you are in Year 11, remember that leadership should be focused on building a ladder for others but also never forgetting the importance of climbing it yourself”. 

Ricards Lodge is a wonderful school where young girls can develop and find themselves. It is also a place where students can be themselves whilst being active members of the school community.