What Our Girls Say


Year 11, Assistant Head Girl

I'm very thankful to be an Assistant Head Girl and I feel happy knowing that the rest of the JLT and I will be able to help both students & teachers have as fulfilling a Ricards experience as possible.

Attending Ricards Lodge has helped me to grow not just as a student but as a person also, by introducing and teaching me a number of lessons outside of the classroom including the school's core values: Trust, Equality, Resilience and Aspiration. 

When I first started at Ricards Lodge, I was not very used to working in groups and voicing my opinions while participating in one. However, I have developed my communication skills throughout my years here at Ricards. Even through challenging times like lock down which allowed me to work on those key life skills of video calls and projects which I now hope to use being a member of the JLT.

During my years at Ricards I have joined a range of clubs and school activities such as: School Council which has helped me to learn from the previous JLT how to approach school issues and how to properly try to resolve them; Cultural Ambassadors where myself and a group of students have taken steps towards being the change we want to see by trying to implement more cultural diversity in subjects and school life where it can be fitted and highlighting the importance of finding out about not just your own cultures but others as well; Netball club which helped a lot with my team building and communication skills and finally Event managers which has greatly impacted my organisational and hospitality skills. Being a part of this leadership team, I feel that the experiences I have gained from these clubs will help me to not only see things from one perspective but all of them which I think is an important outlook to have when leading other people as it helps you to reach an answer that will please everybody if possible.

Ricards Lodge is a wonderful school where young girls can develop and find themselves. Ricards upholds the aforementioned values, and they can be seen in every Ricards student despite all their differences. Ricards is also a place where students can be themselves whilst being an active member of the community which allows for them to be the 'Successful Women of the Future' that everybody knows they can be.