What Our Students Say


Sixth Form

I was impressed to see how passionate and interested the teachers were in their subjects beyond the syllabus and it inspired me to do the same with my work. 

I chose to come here because I was already familiar with the area and the teachers and it was one less thing for me to worry about so that I could focus on my goals. 

As I do two A-Levels and a BTEC, I find that the support is balanced between the two and I don’t feel that I fall behind in either of those classes, as I still get the same amount of help in my BTEC as I do in my A-Levels.

If it’s needed they provided resources and areas that we can work in that are quiet so that we can concentrate. They are full of resources like textbooks and we have access to computers and laptops that have our lessons on them. We’re also introduced by the teachers to other resources such as Seneca which is for revision.

In regards to our post-18 options our teachers encourage us to meet our deadlines and check on us periodically to know if we need help or not. As we’re introduced to UCAS we’re provided lots of information about events and other useful resources which are also displayed all around the school.