What Our Girls Say


Year 11, Assistant Head Girl

My name is Precious and I am honoured to be able to occupy the position of being an Assistant Head Girl at Ricards. My goal with this role is to give pupils a voice and make their time at Ricards a great experience.

At Ricards Lodge the friendly school environment encourages students to embody our school values and become respectful members of our community. 

I am very appreciative of the amazing staff that are always going the extra mile for students and giving generous support to which allows every student to succeed and pushes them to the best of their ability, allowing talent to shine. 

The school provides many opportunities and extracurricular activities such as music and sports in which, regardless of students ability, everyone is given an equal chance to participate in.  

To conclude I am very honoured and proud to be a member of the Junior Leadership Team and work with fellow team members. I will take this role as an opportunity to help Ricards Lodge become an even better place. Also, I am very pleased to have now found my place in Ricards as an Assistant Head Girl and look forward to showing Ricards what I can do for the school.