What Our Girls Say


Year 11, Head Girl

Hello, my name is Priya and I am privileged to be the current Head Girl at Ricards Lodge High School, working with the members of the Junior Leadership Team (JLT) to help drive and support our outstanding school and student body.

Ricards Lodge welcomes students into a warm and friendly environment and helps them to achieve their utmost potential. All staff support students and guide them throughout their school life.

All students have many opportunities to take part in extracurricular activities and clubs, to help build on communication, organisational, creative thinking skills and many more.

Students are also encouraged by teachers and staff to extend their knowledge, by taking on different challenges. For example, there are maths, dance and language challenges available to all. 

The school takes pride in its 4 values; Trust, Equality, Resilience and Aspiration. These values shape our school community and underpin a positive environment and well-being throughout the school. 

Each and every student at Ricards Lodge are encouraged to strive for excellence, develop social confidence and self-efficacy. They are challenged to achieve goals that will enable them to access and flourish in the most rewarding careers. 

As an outstanding school, our vision is to ensure that all students are able to take full and equal places as women, taking on responsibilities in a changing global society and therefore, becoming 'successful women of the future'.