Rugby Academy

Welcome to Ricards Lodge High School's New Girls' Under 18 Rugby Academy! Are you ready to tackle your rugby dreams head-on? At Ricards Lodge, we're thrilled to launch our brand-new Girls' Under 18 Rugby Academy, where passion for the sport meets top-notch education. Let's dive into what makes our academy the place to be for aspiring young athletes.

Performance Coaching in Rugby

Our coaching team lives and berates rugby. They're here to guide you through every ruck, maul, and try. With a wealth of experience in women's rugby, our coaches provide personalised training to help you master the game. We focus on skill development, game strategy, and teamwork to ensure you're always at the top of your game. 

Strength and Conditioning

Rugby is a sport that demands strength, agility and endurance. That's why our strength and conditioning program is designed to build the power and resilience you need on the pitch. Our state-of-the-art gym facilities and tailored fitness plans mean you'll be fit to face any challenge that comes your way. 


Fuelling your body right is key to peak performance. Our nutrition program, led by expert dietitians, ensures you're eating for success. We'll teach you about balanced diets, recovery foods and hydration strategies to keep you energised from the first whistle to the last.

Sport Psychology

Mental toughness is just as important as physical strength. Our sport psychology services help you develop a winning mindset. We cover everything from goal setting to coping with pressure, so you can be focused and confident both on and off the field. 


Competition is the heart of rugby, and our fixtures calendar is jam-packed with exciting matches. You'll have the chance to compete against top teams, showcasing your skills and learning from every game. It's not just about winning, it's about growing as a player and a person. 


Get ready to pack your bags! Our rugby tours are the perfect opportunity to experience new cultures, bond with your teammates, and play against international opposition. These tours are more than trips, they're life-changing adventures that will stay with you forever.

Academic Study 

We haven't forgotten about your studies. At Ricards Lodge, we believe in excellence both on the field and in the classroom. Our flexible academic program ensures you can pursue your rugby ambitions without compromising your education. We're committed to helping you succeed in every aspect of your life. Join us at Ricards Lodge Girls' Under 18 Rugby Academy, where we're not just building great athletes, but great people too. You will study at RR6 which is the Sixth Form section of Ricards Lodge High School (Outstanding - Ofsted 2017 & 2023)

"The school provides pupils with an exceptional education… Pupils consistently produce work of an extremely high standard. They are highly articulate…" - Ofsted September 2023

Our strong academic results are testament to the quality of teaching we offer at Ricards. Students are offered a wide range of A-level and BTEC courses, consistently achieving higher than the national and local averages across A-level and BTEC Level 3 courses. Ongoing pastoral support and enrichment opportunities run alongside the academic offer, a support system which will help you to achieve your potential and help you to fit into sixth form life. Our pastoral support will also help guide you when the time comes to apply for university, apprenticeships or degree apprenticeships. We have outstanding progression routes for students into Oxbridge, Russell Group and Sutton Trust Universities, outstanding vocational degrees and degree-level apprenticeships.

"The school welcomes a range of external speakers, including from universities, and a variety of employers. A variety of talks and workshops ensures that pupils are well-informed about their future options. Students in the sixth form receive high-quality guidance to support their future education and employment" - Ofsted September 2023

Ready to give it your all? We can't wait to welcome you to the team!


The journey doesn't stop after the final whistle of sixth form. Our Rugby Academy is a launchpad to a world of opportunities. Many of our graduates go on to secure university places at Russell Group universities,  and scholarships to the USA, where they can continue to play rugby while earning a degree. Others may catch the eye of professional clubs and enter the elite world of women's rugby. We also support careers in coaching, sports management, and other roles within the sports industry. Whatever path you choose, our academy aims to open doors and help you stride confidently into your future.

How to Apply

*Application and selection process are currently closed.

To apply for September 2025, prospective students' applications will open in September 2024. The courses you select to study will be subject to you meeting their entry criteria.

Trails for the Ricards Rugby Academy will take place in early 2025.

*If you are a late applicant who is interested in joining the programme in Sept 2024 and you are currently in year 11, please email:


RR6 is a state education provider, which means your education with RR6 is free. Bursaries are available to students who meet the eligibility criteria.