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  • Ricards Lodge . @RicardsTweetsJune 13

    Very much looking forward to presenting the benefits of our 'Chromebooks for Learning' programme to our new students and their families on Tuesday. Super Proud of 7E who have contributed superbly again. #accessanywhere #worksmarter #collaboratemore

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  • Ricards English . @Ricards_EnglishMay 07

    @Ricards_English thank you for teaching Shakespearean insults. I've been told I'm pigeon toed and a mouldy mushroom by dd's #Shakespeare #purplepride

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  • RicardsGeography . @ricardsgeogApril 22

    How much do you know about our Earth — its species, its resources and its threats? Can you accept the challenge and complete these Earth Day Quizzes?

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  • Ricards Lodge D&T . @DT_RicardslodgeMay 14

    Many thanks to our Attendance Officer Mrs K who has sewn 35 wash bags now to support our @DT_RicardsLodge team in their project making the wash bags from frontline health workers #TeamRicards

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  • Ricards Science . @Ricards_ScienceJuly 15

    Our year 8 Marine Biology club has been in full swing this summer. We were so lucky to have Mr Battistel assist our studies on the Atlantic Herring

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  • Ricards Library . @RicardslrcMay 26

    #MichaelMorpurgo #WWII #Orphans #Australia #Family #Neglect @RicardsTweets "Genuinely good people are like that. The sun shines out of them. They warm you right through." Alone on a Wide Wide Sea, Michael Morpurgo AR: 5.2

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  • Year 7 at Ricards Lodge . @Yr7RicardsJune 11

    Fantastic @Yr7Ricards rehearsals this afternoon: Turning mundane morning routines into fantastical worlds! Freeze-frames to start, non-contact physical theatre and props for stimulus. Verbatim: " Time to get up... No no no! Don't melt me.... Ahhhhh" @RicardsTweets

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  • Year 9 Ricards . @Yr9RicardsApril 29

    Year 9 getting their hands on their very own copy of their stories published in the Year 9 Strong Girls Club book. Inspired to write about women who have influenced them the post. An incredible achievement. #stronggirlsclub

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  • Friends of Ricards . @FriendsORicardsOctober 25

    To help fight holiday hunger we are donating 15,000 lunchboxes every day. Colleagues in our stores will distribute lunchboxes to food banks and schools in their local communities so they can get them to school children in need. #fightholidayhunger #fooddonation #donate

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