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  • Ricards Lodge . @RicardsTweetsJune 05

    We've been living in an unjust world for way too long. There has been some progress, but human rights continue to be under threat. We need to work harder than ever before for an equal future where every person can live without fear of exclusion and violence. #GenerationEquality

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  • PE dept . @RicardsPEJune 05

    Event 7 is the Hi-Stepper You might have to be creative with this one but remember you get 10 points for completing 4-7 activities and 5 points if you complete 1-3 activities #purplepride #letsgoRicards

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  • RicardsGeography . @ricardsgeogApril 22

    How much do you know about our Earth — its species, its resources and its threats? Can you accept the challenge and complete these Earth Day Quizzes?

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  • Ricards Music . @RicardsMusicJune 05

    Hope you've all settled back into online learning. Be sure to check Frog and Classroom. Please hand in and close all completed assignments so you can plan your days better. @RicardsTweets

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  • Dance at Ricards Lodge . @RicardsDanceJune 05

    Calling all youth dance companies, schools and young dancers! Enter the U. DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY CHALLENGE, part of the U. Dance Digital dance festival, the biggest online youth dance event this summer! Entries close 3 July so get moving! More info:

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  • Ricards Lodge D&T . @DT_RicardslodgeMay 14

    Many thanks to our Attendance Officer Mrs K who has sewn 35 wash bags now to support our @DT_RicardsLodge team in their project making the wash bags from frontline health workers #TeamRicards

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  • RicardsMFL . @Ricards_MFLJanuary 27

    This week at Ricards 1 - our @Year11Ricards @Ricards_MFL GCSE French, Spanish and German students have their speaking exam mocks this week - good luck all #challengeyourself

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  • Ricards Science . @Ricards_ScienceJuly 15

    Our year 8 Marine Biology club has been in full swing this summer. We were so lucky to have Mr Battistel assist our studies on the Atlantic Herring

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  • Ricards Library . @RicardslrcJune 05

    #lockdownreading @RicardsTweets "You should never be surprised when someone treats you with respect, you should expect it." Sarah Dessen, Keeping the Moon Age: 14+

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  • Ricardsdrama . @RicardsDramaFebruary 09

    Thank you to @KentCollegePemb for inviting us to see The Secret Garden on Saturday evening. What a truly incredible production. Congratulations to Mr Ashton, who is a force of nature, and all of the cast and crew.

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  • Ricards Year 7 . @Year7RicardsMay 23

    We are half way through the Summer term now so let's celebrate all of your excellent effort and creative talent! Here are some brilliant animal drawings from Year 7! @Year7Ricards @RicardsTweets Have a lovely restful half term everyone.

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  • Year9Ricards . @Year9RicardsJune 03

    Extremely proud of @RicardsTweets Jessica in Y9. Jessica received a message from Merton Volunteer Police Cadets to confirm she is a winner of the @JPFoundation awards for her services to the community! #Proud #Congratulations #JPFoundation

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  • Friends of Ricards . @FriendsORicardsMay 22

    #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek @RicardsTweets The Bell Jarby Sylvia Plath AR: 7.2/14+ Speakby Laurie Halse Anderson AR: 4.5 The Astonishing Colour of Afterby Emily Pan AR: 4.8 The Perks of Being a Wallflowerby Stephen Chbosky AR: 4.8

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