What Our Girls Say


Year 11, Deputy Head Girl

Hello, my name is Uma and I am one of the Deputy Head Girls here at Ricards Lodge. I feel honoured to be given this role and am looking forward to working with teachers and students to enhance our school environment, encouraging students to succeed.

Ricards Lodge welcomes all students into an inclusive school. The school encourages each and every one of us to develop skills, grasp opportunities and strive to do our very best.

I joined the netball team and our team took part in many inter-borough competitions. Netball in particular is a great sport and has helped me to develop skills in teamwork and communication. Joining clubs helps you as an individual to form bonds with not only students but teachers as well, helping you to improve skills you perhaps didn’t have before.

I hope that I can use my responsibility as a member of the Junior Leadership Team to be a role model for the Ricards Lodge community and encourage my peers to become Successful Women of the Future.