School uniform

We place a great deal of emphasis on the appearance of our students.  We expect them to be smart, well presented and to wear full school uniform at all times, including their journey to and from school. 

All items are available from School Uniform Direct

If you have any queries about uniform, please contact the school before purchasing items to avoid wasting money. 

Second Hand School Uniform Swap

We are delighted to announce that our school uniform supplier School Uniform Direct has now introduced a second hand school uniform swap service. Please click below for more details.

The following items of uniform are compulsory with our school logo. They can only be purchased from School Uniform Direct, Unit 5 Mitcham Industrial Estate;

  • Purple Blazer
  • Purple jumper or tank top
  • P.E. Polo shirt purple/green
  • Black P.E. shorts or skort

These can be purchased from School Uniform Direct or from any other retailer of your choice;

  • Knee-length plain black skirt or smart tailored black trousers (not jean style/or leggings)
  • Tailored black knee lenght shorts
  • Plain white blouse with collar (polo shirts are not allowed)
  • Plain black tights or white or black socks
  • Flat black shoes (please see footwear guide below)
  • Black or white headscarf if worn for religious reasons or to protect textured hair 
  • Plain black stretch full-length dance pants (leggings or joggers). No cycling shorts.
  • Plain black short or long sleeve T-Shirt (for dance lessons)

The following uniform items are optional. 

  • Purple hooded top 
  • Arm sleeves
  • P.E. kit bag
  • Valuables pouch

These items can only be purchased from School Uniform Direct with our school logo.

Outdoor Coat

Plain black, green or purple outdoor coat (one colour, no pattern, logo or writing). 

No denim, leather, imitation leather, fur coats, fleeces, hooded sweatshirts or body warmers.

Recommended for PE Lessons

  • Shin pads
  • Sports bra
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms for PE

Acceptable Footwear

Some examples of shoes that are not school uniform are shown below.

No boots of any kind are permitted. Trainers/shoes with logos are not permitted. No canvas shoes such as pumps, plimsolls, Vans etc. If in doubt, ask your Head of Year before purchasing shoes.


One pair of stud earrings, one ring and a plain wristwatch are the only forms of jewellery allowed.

No other piercing is allowed. 


You must not bleach, dye or add any colour to your hair. You may wear a hair clip, a plain hairband or hair tie in our school colours.

If unsure, please speak to your Head of Year before visiting the hairdresser. 


Mobile phones may be brought into school but must be out of sight and not heard or used during the school day. We will not take responsibility for the loss or theft of these items.

Essential Stationery (can be purchased from any retailer)

  • Pen – black ink, pencils (including HB and 2B pencils)
  • 30cm ruler, protractor and compass
  • Pencil sharpener and rubber
  • Coloured pencils
  • Glue sticks and scissors are optional but useful items
  • A small pocket dictionary
  • A calculator (scientific calculator recommended)
  • A reading book: all students must carry a reading book with them at all times.


  • Headphones (3.5mm or Bluetooth) for use with a Chromebook
  • No fake nails
  • Subtle make up only